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Live from the Scene...

The whole of London are out on the streets celebrating such a fantastic challenge.

The queen will mention the boys in her next Christmas speech and has allowed the use of the guest palace airbnb room for recovery, they will be charged if they check out late.

The street partys will go on long into the night as these 4 heroes can finally rest.

Thank you so much for donating and inspiring us on this very difficult journey!

Nick Hurt


Wayne Sibley


Nationwide Building Society Security Department

Brian Mitchell

David Mitchell

Elaine Day

Luke's Parents

Stephen Phillips




Steve Brittain

Lisa Wilkinson

Kathryn Brittain

Dale Michael Hurst

Alice Keegan

Tracey Boxall

Chazza x

Philip Hunt

William Gale

Chris Winch

Ashka Latanska

Lauren Pudwell


Wayne Young

Steve Tomkins

Nicola Maria Fryers

Wendy Sealey

Charlie Huggan

Lloyd Mitchener

Becky Jones



Kate Ibbotson

Becky, Graham, Leah and Aaron

Becca Messenger

Nancy Hacker

Paige Martin

Emma Maurice


Lea Quest

anthony winch

James Laurie

Alice Pope

Tom Ashley

Adam Lewis

Charlie Leathem

Daniel Butt

Susan Phillips

Emily Knight

Simon Phillips

Jackie Kennedy

Peter Phillips

Laura Cowley

Stuart Jones

Kayleigh Andrea

J Williams

Lesley Tanner

Jen Blandford

Jamees McVey

Daniel Moore

Tina Allen


Barry Neville

Adam Pooley

Owen Letts

Joshua Tratt

Emma Halford


Robert Craven


James' Grandparents

Gary Wright

Fahim Ali

Aaron Hayes

Sorcha Connellan

Harry Boxall

Racheal Pepper

Tim Burfitt

Kirsty Fitzgibbon

Maddie Winch

Chris Reed

Jane Mitchell

Brooke Tyler

ian boxall

Hayley Mitchell

Rebecca Mitchell

David Boxall

Until next time!

How we got there...

We are idiots but we are charitable idiots


Dear friends et al.

We are four supple boys, who have foolishly decided to walk three marathons, back to back, without stopping.

On the 11th May we will be starting at Southampton central and over the course of approximately 36 hours will walk to Buckingham Palace in the name of charity.

During the event the website will update to show you our live location along with updates and pictures from our walk so you can track our progress!

Julia's House

The charity we are supporting will be Julia's House, who are a children's hospice local to Dorset.

They provide practical and emotional support for families caring for a child with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, providing frequent and regular support in their own homes, in the community or at their hospices.

Head over to their website to read about the great work they've done, any donations will allow them to continue to do this work.

We reached our target, thank you so much!


Are we able to finish the royal mile though? Target £500



Thank you to each and every one of you!

Have Questions?

Will we meet the queen?
Probably not
How far are we walking?
76 miles, roughly the equivalent of three marathons
How long will that take?
With breaks we estimate that it will take just around 36 hours
How are we training?
We are walking long distances twice a week, building the journey length gradually
For the excellent charity Julia's House

The Journey Commences May 11th.